I’m not really a blogger so much as a short story writer.
Still, as an important part of any bloggers wordy journey thru blogville, I think charitable groups of note should get a plug at the very least.  This one is very cool.


Support the site and help those in need after this massive disaster in Haiti.
Its a class act top to bottom in my estimation, and a very creative act of

I love to see things repurposed in clever ways, I’m fascinated by
people building yachts out of trash, and people building homes out of
interesting things.

A charity organization that pursues a creative solution like this
would probably be interested in other creative efficient ideas anyone
might come up with so if you think of something brilliant, tell someone
your idea, there’s alot of folks who are INTO hearing your creative
ideas nowadays, and some of them actually do it!

I love the idea of a planet utilizing the collective brain power and will power to accomplish heroic acts of charity.

I think Richard Branson or the Elders offered alot of money to anyone that can figure out a way to reverse ozone depletion somehow, and ALOT of people are working on that in very creative ways right now.

I remember reading how someone proposed re-purposing an oil tanker and turning it into a floating hospital to moor off the coast of Haiti and treat patients on the boat.  Its a great idea but…how much exactly would it cost to transform an oil tanker into a hygenically clean modern hospital facility of historic size and scope? and exactly how long would THAT take.  I love that idea. Maybe it was an oil rig offshore…either way.

I love the ideas.

I have been hearing lots of super creative ideas to help disaster victims over the years, but these givelove.org people are really doing something super cool and industrious.  Its great to see people helping others in need and celebrities giving of themselves to such worthy causes with really smart ideas that work.

So give what you can and help this worthy cause, I think they have a very clever concept here.

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t send a shout out to some cool charities along the way?  I plan on featuring a cool charity whenever I feel like it, and maybe even follow up on it later as I learn more.

Mostly I write fictional short stories
but for the NON-fictional portion of our show
and those of you who are looking for a worthy cause or charity group to help out
with their mission, I highly recommend and endorse givelove.org
in this installment of my NON-fictional blog.