One word: Kanye

Only a twenty something marketing exec would say that Kanye is “clearly very talented.”   Nobody else on EARTH would say something as patently absurd as this. Well, kids might.

What.  Are you ELEVEN?

Put ANY instrument in this man’s hands and he will make fool of himself (including a microphone).  In the history of recorded “music” there has never been a bigger fool or anyone LESS talented.  He is the personification of everything gone WRONG with the music industry.   Celebrity over talent, auto correct over vocal ability.  If there is one talent he could arguably possess it is his ability to use the “auto correct” technology, no wait, that would be his engineer, not him.  Push this button, ok we’re done, lets go collect our grammy.

Yes, to a marketing executive, Kanye is the most brilliant “artist” to ever walk this earth.  Marketing executives salivate uncontrollably like Pavlov’s proverbial dog, but to say the man is “clearly very talented” reveals a complete dork sensibility and utter cluelessness about music.  Just sad.

I don’t like to bash fellow artists or talk shit, but this is going too far.  Enough is enough.  Look!  The emperor has no clothes!  Someone has to say it.  Might as well be me.
Someone recently asked Quincy Jones about the state of the music business today, his response?  “Honey, there IS no music business”.

There are two levels to his response.  #1 the sales income for the vast majority of record releases today, to someone like Quincy Jones would be chump change and nothing more.  #2  Almost nobody is actually making MUSIC technically speaking (subjectively OR objectively), in fact, almost none of these “artists” are even musicians now!  They know much more about business than music, they know much more about marketing than music, they are celebrities not artists.  It’s the apocalypse, and it’s happening now.

I love hiphop music, in fact, hiphop is the most exciting  thing to happen to music in a really long time, but Kanye?  Macklemore?  I have to draw the line somewhere and here’s where I draw it.  These are historic lows, absolutely devoidafunk as George Clinton would certainly say.  Ice Cube, YES.  Kanye, nope.