After sending my 5 Millionth email, I decided I should be blogging more and emailing less.

My writing is a spinoff from bad experiences, to make something productive and positive from them or else it is the opposite and a spinoff from pure happy experiences.  Ideally of course we all prefer the second kind of inspiration and I’m sure you get better material from the good experiences like falling in love, and finding unicorns, but in between those you might as well describe some of the monsters along the way.

I hope to make people laugh, while at the same time exploring a wide range of other emotions, even if they are uncomfortable, awkward or controversial.  Richard Pryor always said the best humor was politically incorrect and I think he was right.  I admire Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce, as well as a few more contemporary comics .

My medium is the short story, its a different medium, and maybe produces more of a chuckle than the full blown hysterics of a stand up comic, I’m still not really sure.  Maybe they are just strange stories.

My influences as a writer are very eclectic.  My admiration for Gabriel Garcia Marquez is immeasurable, although I don’t claim to be in his league or even half the scholar.  Chekhov was a big influence in my youth.

I hope you enjoy these, and I plan on adding more as time permits.

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